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Authentic Sumatra

Ricky Putra Sinaro – Owner, Authentic Sumatra
Travelling is about learning new things; discovering new cultures, opening our minds and meeting people. Travelling can bring unpredictable opportunities, events, moments and people into your life. Ricky Putra Sinaro
Owner, Authentic Sumatra
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The Mentawai People

The Mentawai people are the native to the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra. They live a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the coastal and rainforest environments of the islands. Tell me more…

Sumatra Tours

Authentic Sumatra organises tours and private circuits in Sumatra from the north to the south as well as Mentawai islands, home of the Mentawai people. Tell me more…

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Ricky's Beach House

Ricky’s Beach House

Community–based tourism

Ricky’s Beach House is located on a secluded coast of the Indian Ocean – just a few minutes from the village of Nagari Sungai Pinang. If you’re after peace, quiet, beaches, forests and monkeys, this is the place for you! Tell me more…

Our Community Projects

We are involved in a number of community–based projects which provide education and employment opportunities for local children and and youngsters as well as helping the local economy and environment. Tell me more…

Children from Nagari Sungai Pinang

Who are we?

Since 2010 Authentic Sumatra has been avoiding the trends of mass tourism by offering a more authentic way to discover the culture and natural beauty of Sumatra. Tell me more…

Ricky's Beach House

Who are we?

Since 2010 Authentic Sumatra has been avoiding the trends of mass tourism by offering a more authentic way to discover the culture and natural beauty of Sumatra.

Authentic Sumatra is a legalised tour operator since 2010 who is providing a unique way to discover Sumatra and does not follow the trends of mass tourism. Our aim is to help the local population to achieve better economic growth through tourism, while protecting their traditions and heritage. We also provide great opportunity for motivated young Sumatrans to learn about other cultures by providing work for them. Its helps our young people to gain international understanding and knowledge, which we hope can lead them to have a better vision for their future.

Authentic Sumatra project can introduce you to all of these things by offering a mixture of tourism and daily life in Sumatra. Our goal is COMMUNITY BASED ECO-TOURISM; we aim to welcome you into the Sumatran way of life and help you to discover the authenticity of our motherland.

Authentic Sumatra is offering you accommodation in the village as well as private tour/circuits in Sumatra, Mentawai and all Indonesia.

Sumatra is one of the core travel destinations in Indonesia. It is rich in its culture, nature and it surprises you. It offers travellers a truly unforgettable experience. Sumatra will teach you how to appreciate time spent without hurry, stress and fear.

Active or not, backpacker or family, Authentic Sumatra guarantees you the opportunity to win the prize of an extraordinary travel experience. Ricky’s Beach House is our homestay, which offers open-minded travellers the opportunity to meet and share their travel experiences in the warmth of a family atmosphere

Why choose Authentic Sumatra?

By booking your stay with Authentic Sumatra you are guaranteed a unique experience, without missing out on the popular destinations in Sumatra.

We blend both the authentic and more touristic aspects of Sumatra in a way that ensure you will experience the absolute best of both worlds, in a fully customisable package that is different from any other.

We are not selling you a program, but rather helping you to discover Sumatra in a respectful, genuine and, above all, real way that is far from the chaos that often accompanies tourism.

Most importantly, by travelling with Authentic Sumatra you are helping us to achieve our goals of eco– and community–based tourism in Sumatra. We only employ local guides in order to help local communities and develop the economy of the region. Our guides speak English and French.

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